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 week is a long time in politics. To quote Harold Wilson, and he should know. Prior to his tenure, PMs were a bit aloof and held themselves back from the public gaze. Certainly, they would resist any opportunity to appear human.

They were seen as immune from interrogation and above answering any questions regarding their activities. Then Harold came along and embraced the new technology by becoming a TV personality.

The Good Old Days?

Now there is some evidence that our current Prime Minister (Teresa May at the time of writing) is keen to turn the clock back to pre-Wilson days.

In a world of ever shortening timescale's this was followed by further atrocities in London where once again the weapon of choice for the fanatic was a four-wheeled vehicle. In a country that cherishes this mode of transport and sees it as a necessary part of everyday life, how is it possible to protect yourself from this threat?

Then just as we were coming to terms with this latest atrocity we woke to witness the worst high rise fire in living memory.

The loss of life and the public outpouring of grief was almost universal.

The Royal family, with the well-formed human touch generated by the younger members, shared the pain and brought back memories of the action of the Queen’s mum who expressed relief when Buckingham Palace was bombed. She is quoted as saying “At least now we can look the people of the East End in the eye.”

Whilst this show of solidarity was warmly received, Teresa struggled to join in and was pilloried for it. And yet this has nothing to do with her skills as a Prime Minister.

It is merely one more example of how Harold Wilson got it right. He knew that the TV flickering in the lounges of a high percentage of the population was the mechanism that would determine who was an acceptable representative and who wasn’t.

In pre-Wilson days Teresa May would still be viewed as a strong and stable leader.

The entrance into Brexit discussions was intended to be one of strength and stability. From these two major foundation stones the UK would set out exactly how the process would develop and any concessions would be minimal and conceded in return for more significant returns from the EU.

Strong and stable?

Why didn’t you say so?

This means that whilst we look back on the past few weeks with sadness and horror there is a modicum of good news for anyone classified as an Expat.

Prior to the results of the UK General Election you were an afterthought and the possibility of you being declared a non-resident as the UK repatriated all their foreign workers, was a real concern for many. There was already growing evidence of panic selling and whole families heading back from Spain to an unknown future in the UK.

With the EU now insisting that your rights are defined and protected prior to any discussions on trade agreements, it will mean that there is some hope of stability in your lives. Fears that entitlement to health services would be eroded, have somewhat diminished and there is genuine hope that there will be no interruption in this service.

To have this as a priority in the discussions will mean a collective sigh of relief for so many people, with the realisation that there is no need to make hasty and costly decisions.

A lifestyle that has been created over several years need not be jettisoned for fear of losing your status.

No longer do you need to accept the best offer for your Spanish home even if it means taking a significant loss.

Of course, there is still a long way to go and a lot of negotiation to be endured, but there is a clear indication that the EU wants you to stay where you are and enjoy all the benefits to which you have become accustomed. It just needs the UK to agree.   

For the best investment advice, whatever your circumstances you should contact CWM and we will be pleased to discuss how you can create Strength and Stability in your financial endeavours.

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All views and opinions are those of the author and may coincide or differ from those of CWM and their employees.

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Article by “Tony Myles”

1 week in politics

She could be forgiven. Or at least give some sympathy as she has suffered several weeks in which the words of good old Harold are echoing around Maidenhead.

What happened?” must have been the most frequent question asked following her horrendous General Election. How can you so easily grab defeat from the hands of success?

Coincidental with her apparent slide down the polls, came the added trauma of the loss of life in the Manchester terrorist bombing.

Strength and stability have changed places with weakness and uncertainty. As the talks open, the general feeling is that only by accepting large parts of the EU demands, can the process be concluded within the determined timescale.

Items which the UK had previously added to the “Any Other Business” segment are now firmly at the top of the agenda.

The BeetlesMay,,,,, Again ?