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No matter how far back one goes to examine the lives of those who have been deemed to be “Great”, there is inevitably one factor that each has in common with all the others. Timing.

When making any major decision or seeking to create “change” this is the one factor that is essential to ensure success.

Get the timing wrong and even the best laid plans will gang asunder. And one may ask “Why is change so important and why is timing relevant?”

The answer is that no matter what the status quo might be, there will always be room for improvement.  A situation which was appropriate for a specific age may well become outmoded and ineffective later.

In the recent past the British Isles has witnessed some major changes. Following both world wars there were many who were left feeling disenfranchised and forgotten. This spawned the age of the Trade Unions and for decades the strength of their powerful membership dominated British culture in the workplace.

Great Timing!

Why is change so important and why is timing relevant

Margaret Thatcher

It was not until a Prime Minister, who sensed that the time was right for change, that this dominance was defeated.   

The resulting struggle to achieve that change was front page news for years but eventually the determination to succeed won the day.

There will be those who forever will be critical of this move and deplore the callous way some actions were undertaken, but it is an outstanding example of a politician getting the timing right.

Margaret Thatcher

That lady wasn't for turning

Across the Irish Sea a similar political event was evolving.   

By the early 90s the Irish Republic had endured several decades of unrest, violence and strife. The general populace was weary and, sensing that feeling, along came Mary Robinson who threw over the age-old mind-set that there was no place for a woman in politics. Whilst her election was heralded as a sea change in Irish thinking, the instant upsurge in female leaders took a further decade. That change has been gradual and once again the timing for that has produced some credible results.  

Mary Robinson was followed by Mary McAleese and then within a few years, Claire Loftus, a career civil servant, became the first woman Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Her promotion completes a trinity of firsts for women lawyers, following Máire Whelan’s appointment as the attorney general and Susan Denham’s elevation to chief justice.

Mary Robinson

No place for a woman

Mary Robinson

Xavier Trias

Formar mayor of Barcelona

Whilst many political leaders face charges of lining their own pockets at the expense of the electorate there are some exceptional examples of those who undertake their responsibility with dedication and diligence.

Barcelona has benefited from the efforts of a shining example of that dedication in the shape of Xavier Trias who was elected as Mayor in July 2011. He held the office for four years during which time he understood the need for strong business foundations to be established to counter the disastrous effects of the global recession.  Barcelona suffered, as did most large cities, but Xavier understood that the time was right to forge good links with some major organizations.  

He was determined to make Barcelona the cultural gem of Spain's Catalonia region and into the smartest "smart city" on the planet. Partnerships with companies like Cisco and Microsoft fuelled this development, a new tech-campus hub is in the works, and he initiated the changes that connected citizens to government services through mobile technology.

Xavier Trias

Spain´s SMART City!

In the UK the prime Minister finds herself in an invidious position.  She was elected into the position as party leader because the previous incumbent got the timing WRONG!  David Cameron assumed that the British public would have an inbuilt fear of leaving the comfort of the European Union and so, as part of an election pledge, he committed to a referendum on that subject.  He then led a lacklustre campaign to persuade the electorate that they should vote to ´Remain´ European.  The campaign failed by a narrow margin and he decided to fall on his sword.

His successor was a supporter of his Remain campaign who now must throw off that conviction and lead the UK out of the club.   This has created a situation that is fractious and uncomfortable.  Had the vote been in favour of staying in the EU then within a few weeks it would have become old news never to be raised again, or until such times as Brussels decreed that all peppers were required to be square. Sadly, the calculation on the timing and the resulting vote has produced significant division and fear in many quarters. The result is that it is difficult to envisage who will be the winners at the end of this process. Those who perceive a bright and strong future in the Go-it-Alone world will be at odds with those determined that the exit of Britain from the club should not be seen as beneficial to anyone other than those remaining members.

At the time of writing the Exit clock has started ticking and there appears to be many years of negotiations and subsequent detailed work to be squeezed into the two years allowed for the process.

This Change might have the potential to be beneficial but the big question is – was the timing poorly judged?

What about current world leaders?

Teresa May

Did he get the timing wrong?

Donald Trump

The American people were faced with a dilemma as they went to the polls. The options placed in front of them were to elect a leader who would produce four years of “more-of-the-same” politics and who was seen as vulnerable.  Or they could vote for a John Wayne character who would take the White House and turn it into a base camp.

With a narrow margin, they decided that Donald Trump was the lesser of the two risks and so, despite strong opinions polls to the contrary, he marched into the position as the world’s strongest man.

So, the US is indeed going through a major change in many respects as the current POTUS seeks to overturn as much as possible of the previous holder of that position. Having campaigned on a gung-ho platform his supporters need to see that rhetoric become a reality.

The downside is that, whilst it might be an imperative to produce some dramatic changes, it could be that the timing for these changes is not right.

If you consider the virtual arm wrestling that is underway between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un it is evident that neither of them can afford to lose. Will either of them back-off as they both press for a submission?  Probably not……

Donald Trump

Donald and Kim. Who will win the macho man competition?

When it comes to seeking change, there are some glorious examples of those who got the timing RIGHT!

CWM continues to lead the field in getting the right timing for your investment.

Are you already with CWM?  

If not is it Time To Change?

Get it right with CWM.

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Article by “Tony Myles”