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 Latest News

Cyber Security

By Tony Myles  -  June 2017

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Cyber crime.  

The most common reaction to this is “Oh yes that well I don’t need to read about it. Nothing to do with me!”

But it is something to do with you.

Look at the recent well-publicised impact of what is termed “Ransomware” and compare it to the terrorist threat and the incidents in Manchester and London.

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Market Updates

Cyber Attacks

Just a few months ago very few companies were too concerned about Cyber attacks. Many viewed it as the preserve of the geek shut away in some garret and hacking into systems just for the fun of it.

1 Week in politics

1 week is a long time in politics. To quote Harold Wilson, and he should know. Prior to his tenure, PMs were a bit aloof and held themselves back from the public gaze. Certainly, they would resist any opportunity to appear human.

The Greek Crisis?

It was headline news and divided opinions across the world. Greece had run out of money. Debts were rising and they were approaching the EU Monetary Fund for a major handout.

France went to the polls

There are those who believe that the old style of governemnt is impervious and any challenge is therefore doomed to failure. With a typical Gallic shrug France has said NON to that concept and has placed Emmanuel Macron, a fresh faced candidate with neither left nor right principles, within touching distance of the top job.

Cyber Crime

In the UK and across Europe there is one major topic dominating conversations, both face-to-face and web based. In a similar vein the same is true in the US