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Brand Ads

"Following the radio "teaser" campaign, we produced 2 x 40" Brand ads. These were written to endorse the fact that Continental Wealth Management is an Investment Management company with a difference; CWM listen and care about the needs of their customers and approach investment in a modern and uncomplicated way.

Using the well-known "Continental" music track as a sound bed across both ads and endorsing the campaign strategy of "Investment is all about timing", these ads help build the CWM brand within this media."

Listen to the Brand Ads bellow:

“Teaser” Ads

Our belief is quality of service is never a coincidence.

"We wanted to introduce Continental Wealth Management's financial portfolio in an intriguing and playful way, prior to the brand advertising campaign. By starting each 20" teaser ad with a historical, witty financial quotation in the guise of Benjamin Franklin, followed by a more up to the minute current message for investing in the 21st century as the pay off, the listener is intrigued, and their interest piqued.

Unlike so many financial Investment companies, our aim is to deliver Continental Wealth Management's communications to its audience in a modern and entertaining way. The campaign ran between August 1st - September 1st 2015 with each of the 8 ads played out once per day"

Listen to the “teaser” ads below:

Media - Radio Advertising - Continental Wealth Management.

Read below what Bay Media, our Marketing partners had to say about our recent radio ad campaign.