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Increasingly we are hearing more about the “Dark Web” and the “Deep Dark Web” and for most people the stories attached to any such bulletins are sufficient to ensure that they will steer well clear of such areas. Murderers, assassins, pornographers and drug dealers pursue their trade therein. So, it is not an area for anyone whose most notable activity is sharing some cute photographs of their cat.

The Reaction


Most humans have an inbuilt sense of curiosity and in particular about anything which we can investigate personally.

There is a humorous example which you may have seen - the adage that if you tell a person that there are 40 trillion planets in the Universe they will believe you but if you say that a garden bench has wet paint they will have an irresistible urge to touch it.

It is the same with the Dark Web. Even the most mundane user possesses a sense of wonderment about it and the very name conjures up images of dark deeds and nefarious activities. Many would like answers to some of the most obvious questions.

Who is he?

Who is he?

What is it?

It is a regular functioning part of the Internet. But unlike the web sites and social media locations that are quickly found and displayed by your favourite search engine, the contents of the Dark Web are securely hidden away from everyday exposure and may only be accessed by those capable of implementing a sophisticated and encrypted mechanism.

There are no easy-to-access web addresses and so, in order to find a site it is necessary to have its complete location code and the requisite algorithm to decode it.  

Dark web marketplaces are used to sell a range of goods including drugs, weapons and stolen credit card so you can be certain that access to these sites is carefully guarded and routes to and from the sites to the various owners and users are diverse and equally secure.

How do you find out about it?

Business on the dark web relies heavily on word-of-mouth, reputation and trusted names because of the high risk of fraud and blackmail. If you are offering your services as an assassin you clearly do not want to be accessed by every teenager looking for the latest release of “Assassins Creed!”.

Are there any legitimate areas on the Dark Web?

The short answer is yes. Because the area is highly secure with no effective audit trail it means that communications can be transferred in relative safety. Therefore, the Dark Web is much favoured by individuals who wish to pass on information without risk of being traced as the source. Whilst it is easy to see why this would be popular with the criminal fraternity, this anonymity is equally popular with Whistle-blowers and press informers. The extension of this is that the purveyors of crippling ransomeware and suchlike virus applications can also exchange information with little fear of detection.

It is also used in a legitimate manner by companies wishing to convey highly sensitive corporate data.

How do new users explore the Dark Web?

The initial steps are relatively easy as anyone can download and implement the TOR search engine which is the most common interface to access this area.

This differs from the more regular facilities as it bounces the user from server to server across multiple boundaries. A recent survey suggests that there are more than four thousand such complaint servers. Each one can see no further than the previous site and the following destination. This means that tracking any transaction back to its source is virtually impossible.

How will it develop?

The mere fact that it has a genuine and legitimate purpose will ensure that the option of using the Dark Web will continue. Meanwhile the various authorities will continue to purge the other seamier aspects and will setup stings and other traps to ensnare some of the more nefarious users. So, if you are considering hiring a hitman or want to purchase enough weapons for a small army it might be better to look elsewhere.

Should the ordinary Internet user be concerned?

There is no cause for concern. The Dark web is the domain of those who wish to remain clandestine and so, like any creature that exists in the deepest depths of our oceans, they are not motivated to emerge into the day light. Keep your systems fully up-to-date and employ a professional virus detection firewall and you will be safe in your daily explorations.

Continental Wealth employs the strongest security on all our systems and will always protect your investment and keep it safe and hidden from prying eyes. Should you have any concerns then do contact us. We are always happy to provide our clients with access to our on-site experts.

What is it? Why is it there?  Who uses it?  Why is it called the Dark Web?

Whilst very few would venture into that area, many will be curious to learn more about it.

So, this is a quick tour.

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Article by “Tony Myles”

The Dark Web